Proving God's Perfect Will

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When faced with an issue concerning which we are unsure as to whether it is God's will or not, it is good for us to ask ourselves twelve questions. As we answer these questions honestly, it will become increasingly clear to us what the will of God is.
  • Is it contrary to any of the teachings of Jesus and the apostles, or to the spirit of the New Testament, as far as I know? (2 Tim 3:16,17)
  • Is it something I can do with a clear conscience? (1 Jn.3:21)
  • Is it something I can do for the glory of God? (1 Cor.10:31)
  • Is it something I can do in fellowship with Jesus? (Col.3:17)
  • Can I ask God to bless me as I do it? (2 Cor.9:8)
  • Will my doing it blunt my spiritual edge in any way? (2 Tim.2:15)
  • Will it be spiritually profitable and edifying, to the best of my knowledge? (1 Cor.6:12; 10:23)
  • Would I be happy if I were found doing it at the moment when Jesus returns to earth? (1 Jn.2:28)
  • What do wiser and more mature brothers think about it? (Prov.11:14; 15:22; 24:6)
  • Will my doing it bring dishonour to God's Name or ruin my testimony, if others know about it? (Rom.2:24; 2 Cor.8:21)
  • Will my doing it cause others to stumble, if they know about it? (Rom.14:13; 1 Cor.8:9)
  • Do I feel free in my spirit to do it? (1 Jn.2:27)

Look up the Scripture references and meditate on them.